MIUI 7 Global Beta ROM 5.11.6 Mirror Link Google Drive

MIUI 7 Global Beta ROM 5.11.6 Mirror

Buat yang kesulitan untuk mendownload langsung dari MIUI disini saya akan membagikan mirror link Google Drive MIUI 7 Global Beta ROM 5.11.6 untuk Redmi 1S, Redmi 2 / Prime, Redmi Note 3G, Redmi Note 4G, Mi 3 / Mi 4, dan Mi 4i atau MIUI 7 Global Beta ROM 5.11.6 Mirror

MIUI 7 Global Beta ROM 5.11.6 Changelog:

New – Identify unknown numbers and support marking them (India) (10-20)
New – Over 100 useful phone numbers are preset in the device, and can be searched using dialpad (India) (10-20)
Fix – Volume could not be adjusted while making VoIP calls (11-05)

[Lockscreen, Status Bar, Notification Bar]
Optimization – Support setting lockscreen and floating notifications separately (11-02)
Optimization – App notifications page displays blocked apps first (11-02)
Fix – Combined password could not be entered when exiting Child mode/Private folder (10-29)
Fix – Pushing blank sides in a floating notification could not fold it in landscape mode (11-02)
Fix – Sometimes WiFi connection was recognized as portable hotspot (11-05)

Fix – Display error in default themes (10-27)

New – Added ‘Doodle’ for image editing (10-21)
New – People album added ‘More people’ option (10-21)
Optimization – Album sync will stop when there is less than 20% power left (11-02)

[File Explorer]
New – Added private folders (10-20)
New – Support listing starred files by editing time (11-03)
Optimization – Optimized images display method (11-03)
Optimization – Progress status display method of compressing/decompressing etc. (11-03)
Optimization – Changed Mi Drop category page default ordering method to descending by time (11-03)
Fix – Thumbnails are not displayed in searching result (11-03)

Optimization – Card view style for displaying events (10-29)

[Data Usage]
New – Added data saver function to help reduce data/WiFi usage (10-21)

[Clock / Calculator]
New – Support closing the next alarm clock only when turning off repeat alarm clocks (10-22)

[Mi Credit]
New – Added Mi Credits center for Hongkong area, supports purchasing Mi Cloud storage space (10-20)

[Mi Drop]
Optimization – Increased file transferring speed (10-20)
Optimization – Processing mechanism when the receiver does not have enough space on their device (10-20)
Optimization – Animated effects when scanning (10-28)

New – Added ”Connection’ shortcut in security to view each app’s realtime connection speed (10-26)
Optimization – Increased check process efficiency (10-27)

New – Recommendation page after clearing trash (10-20)
New – Clearing animated effects (10-20)

Download here

  1. Redmi 1S

Recovery :

https://goo.gl/bmSalI (Google Drive)


https://goo.gl/1Zk14V (Google Drive)

  1. Redmi 2 / Prime


https://goo.gl/93JnLw (Google Drive)


https://goo.gl/0HBqBt (Google Drive)

  1. Redmi Note 3G


https://goo.gl/9eXuhY (Google Drive)

  1. Redmi Note 4G


https://goo.gl/JhdWo8 (Google Drive)


https://goo.gl/LbwCRB (Google Drive)

  1. Mi 3/ Mi 4


https://goo.gl/6pE4ZA (Google Drive)


https://goo.gl/YxOBY1 (Google Drive)

  1. Mi 4i

Recovery :

https://goo.gl/k20iiR (Google Drive)

Credited to MIUI Forum

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